Center for Youth Transformation

Every nation has spheres of influence (Media, Government, Economy, Education, Entertainment, Church, Art/Sport) that determine the direction of the society. The centre exists to align the youths of Africa to the prophetic agenda and kingdom mandate to engage and transform these spheres.

Rising Stars focuses on teens and young adults while Blooming Ladies focuses on female teenagers and young adults.

Teaching session at GoSphere inter-denominational youth event


  • To inspire young people to know which of the spheres they are uniquely gifted to engage in.
  • To equip them with the know-how to thrive as godly youths in that sphere.
  • To challenge their mind to maximise the opportunities to bring transformation to the nations.
  • To catalyse and develop an ongoing mentoring relationship with them.


  • GoSphere: Annual Youth forum
  • Youth Empowerment Summit (YES): Annual interdenominational youth summit
  • Godly Youth Network: An online platform to discuss salient issues.

Youth Empowerment

  • Skill and Vocational Center
  • Computer Training for inner city dwellers
  • WAEC/JAMB/SAT preparatory classes
  • Towards academic excellence
  • Scholarship for indigent students in the villages and the inner city
  • Career and relationship talks
  • Devotionals for Assembly
  • Vocational and Skill Acquisition Center: Fashion Designing, Tailoring,  Hairdressing, etc
  • Equipping for International Studies: Writing applications for Grants and Scholarships
Playing music together at youth training

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