mandinka film

African Center for Intercultural Arts Development

Established to research and promote the use of arts for building and developing deep relationships, peace and transformation among different communities in the Sahel.

Center for Youth Transformation

Raising youths who will be liberated from material and spiritual poverty, equipped, empowered and released to engage and transform every sphere of influence in their society.

Lekan leading discipleship class
kora mandinka

Worship from the Nations

Working alongside missionaries, church planters and Bible translators to develop authentic worship in local expression.

10 contextualised songs, 3 music videos and 1 evangelistic film for 100 people groups by 2042.

Center for Sustainable Agriculture Innovation

Seeking to bring wholeness and transformation to communities in the Sahel through the teaching and practice of sustainable agriculture.

Farming community in Chad
declare Fatou

Family Awake

Promoting unity, wholeness and purposeful family life in rural communities of the Sahel.

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