Worship from the Nations

We work alongside missionaries, church planters, and Bible translators to help catalyse and develop authentic worship in local expression. We collaborate with local artists, equip and empower local believers, produce contextualised evangelistic, discipleship and worship audiovisual resources and distribute culturally appropriate scripture products. 


To produce at least:
10 contextualised songs
3 music videos
1 evangelistic film
for 100 unreached people groups

These are the people groups in the Sahel region in the 10/40 Window with more than 200,000 population but with less than 5% Christian representation.

We want them to have access to contextualised resources by the year 2042.

Watch a selection of our videos below.

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Evangelistic films

Kiisandirila Baa The Ultimate Saviour (Mandinka)

Yidi Baaba The Father's Heart (Fula)

Mandinka worship songs

Yahweh Tentu (Praise the Lord)

Allah Be Ntolu fee le (God is with us)

Kelejawari Baa (the Great Warrior)

Mandinka Scripture stories

Ibrahim la Taaling (The story of Abraham)

Esita la taaling (The story of Esther)

Alla batoo men betayaata (The Right way to serve God)

Fula worship songs

Baaba Jaaraama (Thank you Father)

Allah ko a Gooto (God you are God alone)

Ballel Allah gitto (Behold the lamb of God)

Songs from the Tehillah Conference

Sumba biya fa (Balanta)

Chi sergi cha chi ti Putun pa! (Karoninka)

Yalla eh mamma (Kpele)

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